Majie US debut at New York Art Expo was a hit!


Over four days, hundreds of people played with a dozen of Interactive Re-Creates. People loved the novel experience of getting to touch and play with the art. Some of the comments were, “I have never seen anything like this!”, “This is brilliant.”, “I would never get bored.”, “I could create a new piece of art every day.”, “I love the chance to express my own creativity.”

Majie overcame his fear of public speaking and was on the panel of Meet the Successful Artists of Today, where he made a great connection with a gallery owner from Switzerland.

A few of Majie’s pieces are now in happy homes in New York, Florida and Canada.

As a result of being at the New York Art Expo, the rest of Majie’s current work is now in Florida at the ArtBlend Gallery and he will be represented at Art Miami Basel/Spectrum in December of this year. Some great contacts were made with art consultants, interior designers, architects and collectioners.

Check out this great article/interview with Majie by Meagan Meehan (MM) of Entertainment Vine

Majie is currently working on a new Re-Create series based on a famous poet and is creating new abstracts with a focus on interfacing organic and geometrical shapes.